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How to Register ae domain from AEServer

AEserver (formerly Engage LLC) is a locally accredited and licensed registrar under the .ae domain administration (aeDA/TRA) since 2008. They are accredited to offer online .ae/.emarat domain name registrations and value added services. Steps for purchase a domain...

Facts About PHP

PHP is one of the popular server side scripting languages for web development in the programming world. PHP is created by Rasmus Lerdorf in 1994 and now The PHP Development Team producing the The PHP reference implementation. PHP now stands for HyperText Preprocessor...

How to register a .ae domain

Registering the desired .ae domain name is the first step in establishing your online presence and reaching visitors for your personal  or corporate website. TalkAboutGeeks will show you how to create and register your domain, avoid some of the difficulties facing...

How to buy WordPress Themes

Are you looking for right templates or themes for your WordPress Website or Blog. Themeforest is a good market place for wordpress themes, and its provides a huge collection of themes. Themeforest is a collection of themes and models of websites from Envato Market....

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